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Crunchy Taco Set

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ARRIVES   28 Jun - 30 Jun, 2022

In Stock

ARRIVES   28 Jun - 30 Jun, 2022








The Ultimate Tortilla and Taco Making Set

Fill your home with the flavors of Mexico with the Uno Casa Tortilla and Taco Holder bundle set. This set contains the perfect way to press your tortillas and hold several tacos while you load them up! The Uno Casa Tortilla Press is so versatile you can use it to make flour and corn tortillas. You can also make flatbreads such as rotis, chapatis, and even pie shells! The Uno Casa Taco Holder is the perfect tool to get several tacos ready at one time. Each set comes with 6 taco holders that hold 3 tacos each. You'll love being able to serve up 18 tacos at a time for your friends or family!


Perfect for Interactive Dinner Parties

The Uno Casa Tortilla and Taco Holder set is a great way to give your guests a fun dinner event. Easily prepare your flour or maize tortilla dough, get your fillings and toppings ready, make the mood fiesta-flavored and have fun making your very own Mexican feast! The easy-to-use design of the tortilla press means your guests will not only enjoy making their very own tortillas but learn how to press them at the same time. After the tortillas are pressed and cooked, you can place them in the taco holders to be loaded. Let your guests mix and match their choice of fillings.


Durable and Robust

The Uno Casa Tortilla Press is made with high-quality cast-iron. It is durable and robust, so it will give you several years of tortilla pressing fun! The taco holders are made with heat-resistant stainless steel, allowing you to use the holders in the oven to make crunchy taco shells. Or you can simply set your warm, soft tortillas in them. Whichever method you prefer, they'll hold up the tortilla or taco for you to load with delicious fillings.


Traditional Mexican Design

Mexican families have used tortilla presses just like this to create a wide array of traditional meals such as tacos, empanadas, quesadillas, and burritos. With the Uno Casa Tortilla and Taco bundle, exploring Mexican cuisine is easy!

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What's Included:

  • Tortilla press:

    • 1 x Tortilla press
    • 100 x Pieces of parchment paper
    • 1 x Set of replacement screws

    Material: Cast-iron - a durable material that will last for years of Mexican dinner parties.

    Diameter: 8 inches 

    Item Weight: 7.44 lbs 

    This is the ideal weight to make tortillas with the perfect consistency.

  • Taco holders:

    • 6 x Taco holders - each taco holder can hold 3 tacos.

    Material: Stainless steel

     We only use high-quality food-grade stainless steel to make the Uno Casa holders. The taco holders' metal material is rust-proof, 100% non-toxic, and BPA-free. This makes the stainless steel taco holders safe to use, grill, oven, and dishwasher safe, as well as durable.

    Size: 8,6 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches

    Weight: 0.44 lbs

How the product works:

  • How the tortilla press works:

    Inspired by authentic Mexican tortilla press design, the Uno Casa's Tortilla Press combines centuries of traditional pressing with a modern spin. You no longer have to manually roll out your tortillas by hand to enjoy them for tonight's dinner!

    In mere minutes, Uno Casa Tortilla Press can create perfectly shaped and sized tortillas with every use. Here's how:


    1. Start by preparing your favorite corn or wheat flour dough into balls to be used for your tortillas.

    2. Cut a piece of parchment paper into the shape of the inner surface of the tortilla press. Lay your paper onto the inner surface and place the dough balls onto parchment paper. Gently press the lever of the tortilla press down to press out perfectly shaped tortillas.

    3. After flattening the dough to the desired tortilla thickness, remove it from the press and discard the piece of parchment paper. Make sure you cut a new piece of parchment each time you press a new tortilla.

    4. Cook your tortilla for approximately 30 to 40 seconds in a hot pan until a nice browned surface develops on the tortilla.

    5. Once you've cooked your tortillas, place them into the taco holders until you are ready to load them up with fillings!
  • How to clean your tortilla press:

    To maintain your tortilla press, clean it by removing any leftover dough and wiping down the surface with a clean kitchen towel. After you've cleaned the surface, season your press to protect it from rust and remain in top condition. You'll want to keep making those tortillas!

  • How to season your tortilla press:

    1. Clean and dry your press thoroughly (as explained above).

    2. Coat the surface of your press with a thin layer of mild vegetable oil using a paper towel.

    3. Bake the press in a preheated oven at 375°F for roughly an hour.
  • How the taco holders work:

    With the Uno Casa taco stand, you won't have to worry that your newly pressed tortilla or taco filling will fall all over the place. This stand will hold the tortilla or taco firmly in place while you load them up with everything you like as a filling.

    Whether you are using a soft tortilla or a hard taco shell, the process is the same, but the filling is totally up to you! For a vegetarian version, you can use refried beans or chili made with beef, pork, or chicken. 

    Top your tacos off with some fresh and crunchy greens and fresh vegetables, some shredded cheese, salsa guacamole, or sour cream to give you the whole Mexican flavor experience!

    Tip: For a fun feast, place the Uno Casa Taco Stands on your dinner table and let your guests fill them up!

  • How to clean your taco holders:

    We designed the Uno Casa taco holders to keep your tortillas or tacos upright while you fill them. This means that you'll have to clean your taco holder after each use. Here's how:

    Remove any food residue and wash in the dishwasher. Alternatively, use a dishcloth and warm and soapy water to wash your taco holder by hand for more hands-on cleaning.

    Thoroughly dry the taco holders and store them until you are ready to tackle your next taco Tuesday treat. Your taco holders will require minimal storage space.

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