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Fermentation Crock

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ARRIVES   26 Jul - 28 Jul, 2024

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Fermented Food Made Easy

The HomeBuddy fermenting crock makes fermentation at home as simple as 1,2,3! All you need to do is: 1) prep your veggies 2) pop them in the fermenting crock with a brine solution 3) wait patiently! You don’t need a lot of space and your crock will only enhance your home’s decor as it sits elegantly on your kitchen counter. You'll have your fermentation pot going with minimal mess and fuss.


Perfect Fermentation

The HomeBuddy fermentation crock’s extra deep water-groove will help you turn out perfect results every time. This crock has been specially designed to have an airtight water seal that allows gases to escape freely, while keeping outside air (and bacteria!) from getting in. Now, you can create the perfect anaerobic crock environment!


Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Foods prepared in a ceramic fermenting crock are usually rich in probiotics which can naturally add good bacteria and enzymes to your gut. This can help improve your digestive system and overall gut health! Fermenting foods help break down nutrients and makes them easier to digest than unfermented foods. It’s a great way to add healthy, antioxidant-rich veggies like cabbage to more meals. No matter what your craving there are plenty of recipes available for pickle crocks, and they're all super easy!


Ergonomic Design & Premium Materials

Not all fermenting crocks are made equal. The HomeBuddy ceramic crock is perfectly balanced and has large, comfortable handles. This ergonomic design makes it easy to pick up, move around, and store. The fermenter is made with natural, food-safe, and durable glazed ceramic. This not only looks great but will also stand the test of time. You and your family will have the opportunity to experiment with delicious and healthy fermented vegetables for many years to come.


Added Extras

This fermentation crock set comes with an Acacia wood pounder, fermentation weights, and a recipe book! The food-safe Acacia wood pounder included in the HomeBuddy fermentation crock kit is the perfect tool to pound out those juices you need for fermenting your vegetables. It's made with high-quality, scratch-free wood. The fermentation weights included will keep your veggies underwater and out of the air. This will help the fermentation process along because of the water seal it creates. The handy recipe book packed with fermentation crock recipes will help you get going and spark new ideas!


Excellent Gift

Looking for an interesting but useful wedding or bridal shower gift? Fermentation crocks are great gifts for the health-conscious home chef, the new bride, and families. A ceramic pickling crock is sure to impress someone who has (almost) everything. If your mom, aunt, or friend still has one of those old sauerkraut crock pots, why not give her a HomeBuddy ceramic fermentation crock? Traditional crocks for sauerkraut usually don't have lids like the HomeBuddy water-sealed fermentation crock, and they don't look nearly as elegant!

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What's Included:

  • 1 x Pickling crock with lid

    The water-sealed crock is durable and easy to clean. It's made with all-natural, food-safe material. Unlike traditional fermenting crocks, this stoneware pickling crock has a lid and water seal. It keeps vegetables and sauerkraut free from air and possible contamination. Material: Glazed ceramic; Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 12 inches (LxWxH); Capacity: 1 Gallon; Colour: Black. This fermenting crock pot is the perfect size for small-batch fermenting. The well-designed handles make it easy to use and move around. It is suitable for all kinds of fermenting, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, fermented vegetables, and much more.

  • Fermentation weights

    The weights keep the vegetables and sauerkraut submerged in the brine, which means all of your veggie will be perfectly fermented.

  • Acacia wood pounder

    Essential for every home fermentation crock, the pounder is made with high-quality Acacia wood. Acacia wood is super durable and does not scratch easily; it is naturally antibacterial, as well as water and fungus-resistant. This makes it the ideal wood to use with preparing food.

  • Recipe book

    The included recipe book will teach you the ropes if you are a fermenting novice and provide plenty of interesting inspiration if you are a fermenting pro!

How the product works:


    Fermenting crocks are super easy to use.

  • Equipment needed:

    The first step to using your crock to ferment veggies is to make sure you have all your equipment ready. This is what you need: your HomeBuddy fermentation crock; fermentation weights; a wooden pounder; a knife and a cutting board, a mandoline, or a food processor.

  • Ingredients needed:

    Vegetables, non-iodized salt, water.

  • How the fermentation crock works:

    1. Slice, chop, or process all your veggies into even pieces and place them into a large bowl. 2. Add around 3tbs of salt to every 5lb of veggies. 3. Add enough water to cover the contents. 4. Stir and pound the mix with a wooden pounder. 5. Put everything in the HomeBuddy crock. 6. Pack the veggies down into the crock using the wooden pounder. 7. Add the weights on top, making sure the veggies are completely submerged. 8. Put the lid on your crock and store it in a warm, dark area between 2 and 6 weeks. 9. Taste your veggies every few days until your perfect flavor is achieved. 10. Once you're happy with the taste, decant the veggies into glass storage jars and keep them in the fridge to stop the fermentation. 11. Enjoy! This is the most basic way to use the crock. There are many fermenting crock recipes available for just about any veggie imaginable. From traditional dill pickles to fermented corn on the cob, options are limitless!

  • To clean the fermentation crock:

    The HomeBuddy crock is super easy to clean. Simply wash with warm water and mild dish soap as you lightly scrub the inside and the weights. Dry well, wipe the inside with a paper towel and a little bit of vinegar. Your crock is then ready to store or begin a fresh batch!

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